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ID CP8869 Jūrmala , Dzintaru prospekts 21

€ 943 173,00
129.60 m2 2/3 4

The multifunctional "Villa Milia" is a magnificent combination of historical and contemporary, which is reflected not only in its design solutions but also in finishing materials. Wooden floors, parquet, natural stone, wall decoration, high-quality wallpapers and tiles, combining traditional and modern, have been chosen for the floors of the building.
During the development of the project, the latest technologies, the most qualitative, as well as the most basic building materials and finishing materials were used: valuable wood varieties and finishing marble, as well as forged metal details in the façade.

Full composition of the central axis - single bonsai tree directly opposite the main entrance. Its elegance is underlined by a double arc, which, like the "time gate", surrounds the path to the house. The nine-meter door portal is made of special heat-treated Japanese pine.
The finest game of all colors and halftones is made up of two facade-based materials - the generous granite of Jurmala sandy lily-colored granite and two small glass mosaic types: the same as the creamy golden and blue-gray ones, just like the cool waves of the Baltic Sea. The ease and efficient shine of the building is given a special facet cut on the glass panels that surround the balconies.

Before entering, taking over the gentle chilling sounds of the falling water, there is a small waterfall that calms down and tune in to the philosophical thought. If you rely on the teachings of old feng shui for many centuries, the falling inflow of water brings prosperity and wealth to the house.

The interior decoration of the public spaces of the project has been made using rare and expensive materials. In the hall, it is a silver travertine, sometimes referred to as the "new marble". It has a strikingly effective door (2.4 m high entrance height in the doorway) and cirritic wood panels, which is an extremely rare and durable type of decorative wood, and has a rich texture on the surface, on its bright, luminous background.

The variety of light sources, ranging from an effective chandelier and up to the dimly lit walls of walls and apartments, makes the objects and details in it tidy and visually expand the room.

There are 15 apartments in the two-story building with a roof floor. Underground parking for 23 people, 26 auxiliary rooms, children's playgrounds, lounge areas and dining area for guests and guests - outdoor kitchen with fireplace and grill.
The house has Jurmala's bright architectural pearls - the well-known "Villa Benjamina" - a contemporary version dedicated to the remembrance of the legendary Latvian journalist, publisher and social worker Emilija Benjamina.
The project is a sample of collector real estate.

The option of apartments on the first floor - the opportunity to handle adjacent areas from 50 to 150 meters, while the advantage of the apartments on the last floor is the roof space, which allows you to relax in the nature, practically leaving the house.

When buying an apartment, the owner of Villa Milia joins the "LEGEND." Club, enjoying all the options and privileges of the quarter: a spa with a hall for cardio training, pilates and yoga classes, the Memories restaurant and the Legend Beach. Villa Milia is positioned as LEGEND. Quarterly continuation with the same philosophy, concept and quality requirements.

The project location is the Dzintaru prospect, which is a "golden mile", an exclusive private house and villa district, with elite real estate new buildings. The luxury building has a special social environment: security, peace and respectability. Dzintaru prospekts is the center of Jurmala itself, while the project is located in the first line at a distance from the city's fever. Only a 100-meter long dune zone separates the project area from the sea.

Walking by the sea takes only a minute, but the legendary Jurmala Park is 3 minutes away. Nearby is the restaurant located in the hotel "Light House", but 5 minutes Dzintaru Concert Hall and Jomas Street for the central pedestrian area. Within a 10-minute drive, Jurmala is the largest shopping mall with the "Rimi" supermarket, as well as "Livu" water park.

Balcony: 2.7 m2 +10.3 m2

Download PDF Transaction type: Seling Property type: Apartaments Property subtype: New building Area (m2): 129.60 Rooms: 4 Floor / Floor count: 2/3

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