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Profitable property

Profitable property is your main capital!

Living and non-residential area can be refered to the profitable property, that could be apartments, offices, retail area and warehouses. This is where, perhaps, one of the most secure businesses could be built - namely business of property rental.

Great advantage of the profitable property is that money you invest won’t be subject to inflation and high taxes, what is most important, would bring constant and guaranteed profit.

The question arises, if profitable real estate is only for the wealthy people? Definitely not, for a start it is not necessary that you have 1 million euro, it is possible to buy an object for 100 000 euros, as well as it is possibile to use support of the bank financing. Simple mathematical calculations show that well-chosen property is really profitable. At the same time, revenue period of full payback of objects ranges from 9 to 15 years.

Profitable property is a real capital, instead of shares you will have square meters. Possibly it is even more profitable than to risk with your money by making a deposit in a bank. It is generally recognized that the ownership of personal property is the best guarantee of financial stability and security in the country. Financial experts predict a rise in prices of profitable real estate for the next decade and predict its place on top of the financial wave.

Profitable property shall be purchased in places where it is well bought, sold, and, of course, could be leased.

Profitable property in Latvia is divided into residential and commercial.

Residential Real Estate are apartments with rental income from 5 to 8%. If you have purchased an apartment in a big city - you will never have problems of finding tenants.

Commercial property revenue can be streetretail with long-term leases, hotels, clinics, business centers or profitable apartment buildings. Profitability of a commercial real estate in Latvia is from 10 to 25 % per year.

Our company can offer you a wide range of profitable real estate objects within almost any budget you choose. If you leave an inquiry we will send you the most worthy offers, paying attention to your needs and possibilities!

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