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Residence permit

Latvian residence permit allows completely free arrival and departures from the country in order to work and learn Latvian, free access to health and government services, to invite relatives and friends, with the Latvian entry visa.

Latvian residence permit allows you to move freely throughout the Schengen countries (visa-free visit) and facilitate the issue of visas to other countries, such as UK, USA and Australia.

If you have a residence permit for 5 years, it allows you to stay on Latvian territory without a residence time limitation, it is actually from 1 to 365 days per year; Schengen areas - for up to 90 days within six months.

A temporary residence permit in Europe (Latvian) will be eligible for both investors and their family members, spouses, children that have not attained the age of majority and are dependent on the investor. At the end of the residence permit, the investor and his family will be able to submit an application for renewal of residential permit.

Justification for a residence permit in Latvia

Real estate purchase

A residence permit in Latvia through the purchase of real estate - a very popular and sought after way. Not by chance that thousands of families have taken advantage of this opportunity to obtain legal status residents of the European Union

It should be noted that to date the most advantageous offer for the investor to obtain a residence permit in the European Union and the Schengen area — is Latvian.

Latvian law has certain requirements for the real estate investor who is required to be borne in mind when making a purchase. The composition of the immovable property can not enter agricultural land or forest, it has to be built up an object. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the building is considered as the foundation or structure was failing in operation, but these must be specified in the Land Register.

The acquisition cost of the property should be no less than 250.000 euros, and its cadastral value of not less than 80.000 euros.

Business investments

To get a Latvian residence permit is possible if you register company in Latvia.

An interesting offer for a residence permit in could be received through investments in business, registering a company in Latvia. Latvia is one of the most suitable countries in Europe for such purposes. Means that you are going to invest into business or expansion will remain yours. It also would be easy to find Russian language staff with knowledge of the Latvian language.

There are two ways to get the UA by investing in business:

The first option

The longest UA receiving option, as it requires at least a year for the company to pay taxes.

Investor invests in the equity capital of not less than EUR 35.000, this company employs no more than 50 employees and an annual turnover or balance sheet should not exceed EUR 10 million, as well as state and local taxes in the budget shall be paid not less than 40.000 per year. In such company the number of investors-participants is limited to three people.

Another option

to invest in the company, which employs more than 50 employees in the share capital of not less than EUR 150.000. Funds are invested in the company's capital and an annual turnover or annual balance sheet should not exceed 10 million euros.

Financial investment

Financial investments using Latvian banking system — the simplest and fastest way to obtain Latvian RP and thus the EU resident status.

For Latvian RP for five years, investor needs to make a financial investment in Latvian credit institution of not less than EUR 300.000 of subordinated capital (subordinated loan or subordinated bank bonds) and credit transaction in a closed period is not less than five years, as well as the investment conditions, it is not possible to return. If the residence permit is being requested for the first time, it is needed to pay EUR 25.000 to the Latvian economic development fund. 

For our clients, we recommend investing in financial instruments provided by reliable Latvian banks.

As a basis for receiving RP can serve any type of subordinated loans with the bank, including securities, shares, etc.

This is the fastest and easiest way to receive RP because the contract could be executed in one day and does not require the presence of an investor in Riga.

This type of investment allows to receive RP for five years, not only personally for the investor, but also his family members (wife / husband and children, and persons who are dependent on the investor). Most importantly the condition is that the investor has to be a natural person.

After 5 years, one may extend the deadline or get your capital back. Upon receipt of the funds may choose any other kind of RP could be received.

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